A dedicated mother and an active WPS community member, she is also passionate about embedding sustainability in our schools, and building a better world for our students to inherit. Your generous donation will directly contribute to Audrey's campaign for the Westminster Public School Board, supporting her in advocating for progressive changes that benefit all students. 

Together, let's ensure that every student in the Westminster Public School District has the chance to thrive. 

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Investing in the future of our students means investing in leaders who advocate for an inclusive, equitable, and forward-thinking education. 

Audrey Yanos, a proud Colorado native, is passionately seeking your support to achieve this mission. 

Audrey, a first-generation high school and CSU graduate, intimately understands the importance of quality education and its promise for every student's future. She is committed to broadening programs like Westy Futures and 'Ranum Reimagined,' which are aimed at providing diverse opportunities for our students to excel.