Audrey Yanos for WPS

Sowing seeds of excellence

My Mission

Cultivate a Brighter Future for WPS 

Audrey Yanos, a proud Colorado native, and dedicated mother to three Westminster public school students is running for a seat on the Westminster Public School Board. 

Audrey is a first-generation high school and college graduate who knows firsthand the transformative power of education. She believes in the potential of each child and the promise of a brighter future that education provides. 

As a part of the WPS community for nine years, Audrey's mission is to give back, serve, and ensure that every student in the district has the chance to thrive. 

She is committed to representing and advocating for all WPS students, having walked in their shoes, and understanding their hopes, challenges, and aspirations. 

My Priorities

Plant Seeds for Success

Passionate about nurturing our educators and students alike, Audrey stands firm in her commitment to supporting the hardworking teachers at WPS and the Competency-Based System they've dedicatedly implemented. 

Audrey cherishes the success of the Westy Futures program and is eager to expand its positive impact. She is enthusiastic about the opportunities that 'Ranum Reimagined' and the CTE program will bring to the community, promising her unwavering support for their growth.

 Audrey's vision for WPS extends beyond the classroom too. An avid gardener, she envisages a future where our schools harbor community gardens, helping our children understand and respect the world around them. 

She is committed to promoting sustainability initiatives, such as the district's composting program, nurturing both our students and the environment they will inherit.


Why I'm Running

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders Today 


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